Top 3 PH products?

Youri Nelson
9 replies
What's your top 3 PH find ? and what about that product stuck out to you?


Valerie Borshch
of all-time :D free email tracking tool, every time I send an email directly from Gmail I can see opens of the receiver chatbots, live chat, pop-ups the new one with virtual whiteboarding features that are free
Youri Nelson
@valeria_andreevna I wonder what the revenue model is for this email read tracker. And if you end up given up a bunch of data in exchange for the freemium. Thanks for sharing this list, I am new to PH and the sheer number of product on it, is a bit overwhelming at first. It's cool to see what others are picking up!
Julia Doronina
You can add * on the search bar and find all top products
Youri Nelson
@julia_demyanchuk I have been looking at no-code platforms, do you have recommendations on the best/easiest one to use that can do lots of things and not jsut landing pages?