What information do you wish was available for NFTs?

Michael Silber
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The NFT space is really new and at times complex. What information do you wish was out there to help you make sense of all the new projects?


I typically browse OpenSea's and Rarible's top seller charts as well as check CryptoTwitter and different Discords to culminate a general sense of what's going on.
We need a Product Hunt specifically for NFTs, and we need it now. Who wants to build it with me? 🚀
Merlin Christina
Open sea and Rarible might be a good solution
Jung Min
Like all new forms of tech currencies, there is a huge learning curve.
Siddhesh Lokare
Proper filtration and compartmentalization based on image, video, gif tokens, and more information about the legitimacy of the NFT.
Michael Silber
@siddhesh_lokare1 a lot of tools out there verify projects so you know that it's the real one you're hearing about, but are there metrics or attributes that you consider to decide legitimacy?
Priddy Broderickson
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