What factors do you examine when deciding whether to transform your side project into a startup?

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Majority of makers/founders start small and eventually get BIG! Each founder's path to the startup industry is unique. Let the community hear some of those tales. (It doesn't matter if your product is VC backed or Bootstrapped) Don't know where to start? Tip: Who are you? What's your product? What factors did you measure to turn your side project to product? ...add anything you would like


Sharath Kuruganty
Head of Community at Threado
A lot of things play in. Like: 1. The moment users give you feedback that they want more than what you build. 2. Users say they are going to pay more than what you priced for. 3. Founders may find different use-cases from the community that they never imagined.
Solomon Bush
Founder - Log🌲Harvestor
@5harath This is great advice. #3 is what happened with AirBnB :)