What entrepreneurial advise would you give your 18 year old self?

Juan Sarmiento
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Granted, we learn a lot from success, but we learn so much more from mistakes! What would you tell to your 18 year old self to encourage entrepreneurship and smart business decisions?


Titus Decali
- Start learning to program NOW! It's easier and way more fun than you can imagine. - Read "Never Split the Difference" - by Chris Voss - Read "Pitch Anything" - by Oren Klaff - Read "How Google Works" - Read "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" - Go build something
David J. Kim
You can never learn what you think you already know. Regardless of how competent you think you are, eventually the market will show you the reality. It's not a common problem I think, but when I first started I was too arrogant.
Inna Proshkina
Find the match between what you are good at, what you really love doing and needs of a specific market! Have the courage to take an action! Keep doing it untill you succeed.
Anupama Panchal
Start investing in relations along with skills.
Eithiriel (Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré)
Establish genuine relationships through community-led growth.