What do you usually do with your old phone?

Feippo Feippo
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Pls check my works here and let me know your feedback. Thank you very much in advance! https://www.etsy.com/hk-en/shop/...


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Woah, I quite like these! Are you looking for people to hand over old phones?
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@tuanacelik Thank you very much! I am looking for how many people will love my idea and will do their own as well.
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I usually just give it to my younger siblings. I should probably find out what they do with their old phones.
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@cody_rawles Most probably, you will be surprised.
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I never got chance to do that as my dad always keep old phones with him but I would either give it exchange scheme when buying new phone or give it in E-Junk
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@jaskiran_kaur My first phone was an iPhone 5S, I kept it for these years whenever I went. Now I framed it and put in my study room.
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@feippo_feippo Some things are priceless....especially the first ones
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Nice art you do from those phones! But I will answer the question from the title - I put them into the drawer "just in case", like any normal person.
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@mradzikowski Thank you very much! I got nothing to do during quarantine. You know COVID drives everyone crazy, lol.
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I download a remote desktop (called AweSun if anyone would like to know) on it, leave it at home and sometimes control it remotely to open the camera, then I can have a look at my cats