what do you think of NFTs?

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Now hyped, but for sure the future.
sulyman moyo
They are the future, Multiple use cases are being discovered. Example access tokens are coming up as NFT's
mahadeep Ray
I think the use cases are plenty. Currently only the digital art is getting hyped.
Andy Dent
I'm cautious and somewhat contrary. A terrifying proportion of people talking about NFTs seem to not understand that an NFT is two or three components - 1. a blockchain entry, 2. a separate piece of metadata (often a JSON file) and then 3. a digital good or sometimes real-world event/good. With the loss of 2., the blockchain entry is probably meaningless. That has already happened many times. People can trade the digital goods in 3. and if they trade without involving the blockchain, the entire NFT premise breaks down. It's an investment system that works as long as people do the right thing - there's no inherent, automatic better protection conveyed by them. I'm making this point because I keep reading stuff that suggests NFTs magically fix things when they don't. I'm in the final stages of implementing our artist credits system in Touchgram and, somewhat reluctantly, decided I couldn't do this without some kind of nod to NFTs. So I've extended our internal asset tracking system to be able to track a blockchain URI. I think that's enough.
Andy Dent
@ruchira_08 I got all enthusiastic and wrapped that answer into a full article https://medium.com/touchgram/to-...
Jaskiran Kaur
It has a great scope in future. Some have earned a lot from it but many are still unaware. With the awareness , they will definitely get hang of it.