What do you think about the Great Resignation movement?

Cristina Imre
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Hello, awesome community, What do you think about the Great Resignation? How does this movement affect your activities? - no matter if you are an employer or employee. The Fear infused by the Great Resignation produces interesting effects on the market, and I'm very curious to hear your valuable input.


Cristina Imre
What’s interesting is that resignation rates are highest among mid-career employees while it decreased for workers in the 20 to 25 age range.
Well in a way it's making this type of activity (indie hacking), a lot more attractive!
Fatos Bediu
I'm happy people are doing what's necessary to improve and live their life to the fullest. I think it will affect the online world for the better, working remotely, doing indie work is only growing!
Cristina Imre
@fatosbediu Remote work will definitely increase so the companies who can do remote but hesitate will have a lot to loose. But also is a shift not only about having a job but a meaningful one.