Pick a word!

Cristina Imre
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How would you describe your year in one word?


Cristina Imre
For me it's HUSTLE and I don't think that's too off for many entrepreneurs while launching and building a startup. It's a journey you embark on and you know that you'll face some of the pre-planned but mostly unplanned issues that will strengthen you and make you a more resilient person. How about you? @lior_galante_cohen @lauritsjb @raubo @rachel_pardue @gertig @fatosbediu @kingromstar @liroyleshed @saifsadiq1995
Elena Cirera
"PROGRESS" For me, it has been a year of great progress. I have made significant progress in the marketing of my product.
Rushikesh Kavathekar
For me it's "Emotion": My product and my team is my emotion, In 2022, i will take more care for both of them