What do you eat for lunch while working?

Nika Lapanja
13 replies
Every day we have the same problem: "what should we eat today?" So, help us out and give some of your go-to meals suggestions :D


Jan Forsthuber
We have no bandwidth left to decide, all mental energy has gone into today's launch on PH haha
Taja Marcetic
Depends. Sometimes I just want to eat a home cooked soup, on other days I crave something really greasy and unhealthy like burger and fries :D
Shai Mizrahi
I love cooking, so I try to prep my lunches for the week at home. Healthier and saves money!
Alina Ihnatiuk
I work at home, but even at home I can't eat normally ... Sometimes it's sandwiches, sometimes banana and tea, sometimes I don't have lunch :)
α—°α—©α™­ ᒍ.
When I can uber eats all the way!πŸ˜‚
Hamed Baatour
people talk about a lot of productivity hacks, tips, and tricks but underestimate how much mental load, pain, and waste of time planning and preparing food takes every single day. sandwiches, snacks, and fast food is a disaster for health in the long run, and preparing healthy food at home takes a lot of effort (harder than building a SaaS product... ok, maybe exaggerating a bit here...πŸ˜…) eating the same thing every day might seem like an efficient way to minimize mental load and preparation time but quickly the same food becomes undesirable. if you are an indie maker/ startup founder and living alone how the hell do you handle this? seriously asking guys πŸ€” (P.S healthy food services like Thistle are not an option as they are not available in my region at least)
Yael Yaari
I love cooking for myself and family so I like to bring my food into the office. Occasionally ill order in sushi though:)
liam morris
I am doing work from home on a website Tekken 3. My work is more technical. I need a break for some time and I need some snacks to eat. I mostly like Burgers. I love that food.
Galia Ben David
Meal prep all the way, except for hummus Tuesday πŸ§†
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