Brands jumping on April Fools

Nika Lapanja
3 replies
Do you think brands should join April Fools day? And if so, what would you say were some of the best or worst campaigns so far?


Luka Vasic
Definitely, it shows the world that you can have fun and that is relatable, everyone loves to have fun. Brands can use April Fools campaigns to their advantage if it goes viral. One of my favorites was when Tinder said they will be implementing height verification which got everyone talking.
Nika Lapanja
@luka_vasic Agree, I loved when Razor introduced their toaster as a joke, but ended up creating one for real since the hype was so huge haha
Zala Gajser
At first I wasn’t really convinced with brands jumping on the April Fool’s Day bang wagon, it just seemed unnecessary. But as someone has already mentioned it gives nice human touch and shows your audience you are more than just uptight business. Humans respond to other humans and from a brand marketing stand point campaign like this are important. I must say, I love DeltaHub’s idea, not just because I was a part of the project (even tho Im really proud), but because it really is a great campaign targeting the niche customers & even maybe announcing something else heh. Check the video here (it’s Friday after all let’s have some fun!) P.S: Love what Tala did this year with a launch of night tine looking gym wear — so funny.