What do you do with new LinkedIn connections?

Richard Fang
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I swear I'm getting more connects more recently and found myself just declining heaps. When do you accept/decline an invitation?


It's great news you're getting loads of connection requests. A couple of thoughts from you that I've picked up from a Friend of mine... You can accept "Connections" up to 30,000 after that all people can do is have "followers". Note that you can remove previous connections. Ideally you want to curate a network from those connections - people that you want to interact with, people that'll share your content, and people that you think might you could work with (you supporting them and them supporting you).
Nishith from True Sparrow
@richardfliu I noticed an increase in connection requests when I joined a few popular slack channels. But then I was ok in receiving and accepting those requests since there was a common thread that we had, and a good possibility of supporting each other. Btw, I will be happy to connect with PH community on twitter or LinkedIn. We can definitely support each other.
Paras Jain
To help reduce the connection request change default from "Add Connection" to "Follow" Just Go to Settings> Visibility > Followers and toggle the button to "yes" https://doc.scot/how-to-switch-y...
Decline all. For the moment, I've found 0 utilities in Linkedin.
Surender Singh
Why decline? I don't see a harm in adding most of the connection requests i get. You never know when/who might be helpful during our startup journey.
Richard Fang
@surender_singh I juts found it annoying when 50% of them try to sell me something and then spam me for like months haha
Gabriele Sangrigoli
Always accept. Decline just in case you have 0 in common. Remember it is a network website
Kiran Kanakadandi (yugahq.com)
I'm glad someone asked! I wonder too -- for the longest time, I've limited LinkedIn to just people I know and have worked with, but lately I'm accepting adds from folks I have something in common with. One thing I'm realizing is that LinkedIn is gold, if you're B2B. So, as one of the comments below mentioned, I'm half in mind to accept just all. I think it'll help as you build an audience.
Rachel Levitz
I accept invitation when we have mutual connections (:
Fabian Maume
You can try to enable the content creator mode, it will shift the main CTA on your profile from send "contact request" to "follow": https://www.linkedin.com/help/li... If you still get many connections, I would recommend accepting the ones which are relevant. It will give you a good channel to distribute content. Using a tool like missingLettr can help you leverage your network with little effort: https://fabian-maume.medium.com/...
Jack Davis
I think if they have any relevance then I will accept it. If it has nothing to do with myself or what I am working on than it is just a reject. It was the same before they changed the LinkedIn connections.