What do you do when you run out of ways to acquire new users? Turn to paid Marketing?

Tasos Valtinos
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Trying to think of new ways to acquire users. Tried direct emailing and social media (posts, slack communities, etc). However, we need to grow faster. We have 1,500 users across 12 countries but we need more. Any ideas fellas? Thanks!


Chelsea Randall
When you find out this answer let me know LOL! I think every new startup struggles with this. I know we have. We are going to try next running some type of a contest, have you tried this yet? Sounds like you have a great user base though, 1,500 is awesome, great job.
Tasos Valtinos
@chels Hahah right! And thanks, we launched 8 months ago, so we are growing in a steady pace. Hmm, what do you mean by contest? Sounds interesting.
Bayan Hammami
Referrals are always the best kind of acquisition. If you're not getting referrals then there might be something wrong with your product and paid marketing won't help there. If your retention is great but you're still not getting referrals, then you could look to build this into your product in a creative way.
Tasos Valtinos
@bayan_hammami Hi Bayan, thanks for that. So when you say referrals you mean rewarding users for inviting more people?
Bayan Hammami
@tasos_valtinos this is a great video that explains it better than I ever could; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T9... At the 30min mark, Gustaf starts speaking about referrals at Airbnb. Good luck!
James Simmons
I think it really depends on your product and use case. Acquisition is such an interesting equation, there’s just no one size fits all... some products are naturally organic, others you have to promote. Some you acquire in groups, others one by one. Can you share more on your situation?
Tasos Valtinos
@james_simmons Hi James, thanks for the insight. Yeah, we are actually a QnA app for startup founders, you can check us out here: https://mapped.rocks. We have been live for 8 months and we have 1.5k users now across 12 countries. But, feels like we run out of ideas and channels to promote the app for free to acquire more users.
David Barneda
Every startup faces this issue at some point.