What do you expect in return when helping another founder?

Tasos Valtinos
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We want to understand what drives founders and makers to support each other. Is it money?Reputation?or just the feeling of helping others? We are conducting a research, if u are actively working on your startup feel free to answer these 4 questions. Thaanks https://docs.google.com/forms/d/...


Gordian Overschmidt
I was willing to fill out your questionnaire. Still, I think you missed a crucial point: Entrepreneurial spirit to me is characterized by the fact that our brains seem to run continuously and absorb information almost incidentally. Plus, all that experience taking responsibility beyond average. We call for a valve to let go of all that knowledge and our thoughts that arrive along. We know from our own experience that we can't invariably be everywhere to absorb all the information relevant to us, so we put ourselves at the service of the cause and act as a knowledge reactor. I believe their is a deep trust in the fact that our peers just do the same. If I can help, I help - non - conditional. That is the decision and freedom I take for myself as an entrepreneur. Who is not happy to receive support?
Seterek Lakshit
Helping a founder is something i've been thinking