What do you do when you feel burnt out?

Peter Chudakov
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Hey, hunters! We all know how intense work can be, and everyone has their ups and downs. It would be very interesting to know what you do to get some rest and find the strength to continue? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Luka Vasic
Go out for a walk or go to the gym/ride a bike. If I'm feeling really burnt out I would take a day or two off and spend it either with friends or doing a hobby I love.
Chris Sarca
I'm a visual designer and front-end developer, in this case, I'm pretty lucky because if I get burnt out on the first thing, I get to switch to the other one. Though from time to time, I get tired of everything, and a personal project feels just perfect. On really lazy days, I just do whatever I feel like, useful or not. Also, taking breaks is important, not too long, and not too short, just enough to still have your brain engaged, because you don't want to get too comfy, or else you will laze around and getting back to work will feel awful. Take care!
Adriel Cruz
I usually take short naps or play games so I won't get burnt out easily. Sometimes I watch videos or view images on Pinterest/Behance.
Gurpinder Singh
Take a break from your routine work, go for a drive, do something you love (music making in my case), listen to some podcast relevant to the industry (digital marketing in my case), exercise or meditate. Just try to relax.
We always recommend a break and relaxation. Therefore, a weekend for older employees is important. They have time to catch their breath to get back to their projects fresh.
Rich Watson
Binge netflix