What do you dislike about shopping online?

Jacob Kononiuk
6 replies
Hey folks! I am curious to learn more about your liking/disliking of shopping online. What encourages and deters you from shopping online? I know from experience that it's a love/hate relationship! If you're feeling generous, comment on what solution you'd love for the thing that you hate!


Adriel Cruz
I usually dislike whenever my courier takes a long time, like it says 2-5 days but sometimes it takes a week.
Qudsia Ali
I don't like the Shipping costs, especially when it costs more than the item itself. And the delivery speed should not exceed 2 to 3 working days, but that's not the case a lot of the time.
Andrew Isherwood
I don't know why, but I get put off if there's a shipping fee... And don't get me started on selected day delivery costing more. Surely confirming I'll be in on a given day delivery is better than making 3 attempts at delivering something. Then the process of online food shopping is frustratingly slow and cumbersome (though I haven't tried it again in the past 12 months).
Sandra Djajic
Being promised that something will arrive by a certain time and it doesn't. Online returns are pretty annoying too - especially when you have to pay to return things. Definitely puts me off ordering from the place again.
Only one thing: That once you give them your e-mail, they feel entitled to send you sales newsletter every time they want! I understand everybody wants to sell, but there is a limit between being helpful and being a downright spammer.
Елена Косоногова
A recent purchase was a linen dress, I didn't wait for the courier, I had to walk a long way.