What do we think of online returns?

Jacob Kononiuk
4 replies
A question to all online shoppers who've been met with an online return recently. How did you find it? What did you like/dislike (there's not much to like, I know) Would something like https://readilyau.com/ improve the experience? Eager to hear your feedback!


Neri Raanani
I no longer buy from suppliers who don't handle the returns (with a carrier to my door). I can't find the time to go to the post office during opening hours, wait in line and manage the bureaucracy. I love it when suppliers guarantee they will handle everything related to returns. I have wasted money keeping things I don't use, and the stores have lost me as a customer. Readily definitely sounds like something I would try!
Jacob Kononiuk
@neri_raanani That's some amazing feedback, thank you. This seems to be the general consensus, and I actually only shop in store because of how inadequate online returns were (until Readily). You're so right. The post office trip and the logistics involved in it (printing, labels, bags, codes, tracking, etc.) just feels so 2006! I think it's about time for a solution. Hey, I'd really appreciate if you joined my mailing list for fun updates (truly fun, no promotional garbage) Again, highly value your feedback Neri!