what did you think of the "news and interests" widget on the windows taskbar?

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Manish Rawat
love it, I keep checking if the weather forecast is correct or not..lol
Jaskiran Kaur
It is nice, they have added something lie this, it will good to check news once in a while
Jalal Ahmed
Helpful for me. I can quickly check the temperature at a glance now.
Seems not really essential, it does not seem to have any real use.
razaulkarim karim
it will good to check news while the temperature at a glance now.i lick it
sulyman moyo
In my opinion its not really needed
It is very useful I can check the weather forecast and the news when I need it.
Evan Stewart
Not trying to be negative, but it seems Windows is SUPER late to the party. Literally every other OS has had some form of "weather and news" for years. I like the idea of this widget on Windows, but was finding myself turning off the widget after a short while to keep the desktop clean... perhaps it's useful for many people, but as someone who checks weather and news in the morning and evenings, I found this widget not to be very useful.