What Content Performs Better? LONG VS SHORT Form Content?

Markus Jenul
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Hey Team🀘 Animalz just published their annual benchmark report and here are some of the learnings: - Organic search is the most important traffic source 😎 - Longer content generally performs better: The median article length was a meaty 1,200 words, and we found that content length has a positive correlation with traffic ⚑️ - Small blogs benefit from linkable content, newsletters and social distribution πŸ’₯ - There are big opportunities to improve SEO through better internal linking 🌈 What do you think about that? https://www.linkedin.com/posts/t...


Andrii Kpyto
Thanks for sharing πŸ‘
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
Interesting. Thanks for sharing!
Mohsen Kamrani
I didn't read the article but thanks for sharing, this sort of content is really helpful.
Alexey Shashkov
Wow, what interesting stuff. I'm going to read it and extract some insights. Thanks for sharing, Marcus. What are the best practices to write long-form content today? What do you think?
Markus Jenul
@shashcoffe I think there are a couple of important ingredients to that. I wrote our process of creating such content down and put it into a playbook. Feel free to provide feedback on what you think :) https://www.kickscale.com/post/t...
Vera Mirzoyan
The good length of the content depends on the value of the content. If your topic is to be presented in detail then you should provide long content. But if it's a watery content, there is no need to go for the length. This is what I came to during my experience.
Anna Voronina
@vera_mirzoyan, I agree with you, besides, what I've noticed is that the content also needs to be user-friendly (think of infographics that look tiny on mobile) and easy to grasp.
Vera Mirzoyan
@anna_voronina148 Totally agree. Search engines prioritize it and focus on user-centric approach.
I just came here to say that the length of the content, depends on the platform that the content is hosted on and targeted at.
Markus Jenul
@iampascio absolutely right! Here is the process that worked best for us: 1) create a long form content 2) split to micro content 3) distribute the micro content on all distribution channels but adjust it to the needs of the users on this platform 4) link in the micro content back to the long form content you can access the full playbook here: https://www.kickscale.com/post/t...
Nick Freiling
Nothing has had such a long-term benefits for my company as high-quality, long-form instructional blog posts.
Collin Thompson
I find that about 2500 words, well structured with a table of contents, clearly defined points, good paragraph separation, with some visuals is key. Then breaking that piece down into "Snippets" for distribution on twitter and instagram works well. If the piece does well then we do "deep dives" where we expand the section that gets the most traffic/engagement/Questions.
I think the importance of content will become more and more important in the coming year
Jaskiran Kaur
I feel the same that quality, informative, unique, and long content is always appreciated by Google.
Prince-Brown Jasper
Interesting! I have always been a fan of organic traffic. Yes, long form contents do better than short. However, the game isn't about long form articles or blog; but writing relevant, valuable content.
Markus Jenul
@prince_brown_jasper Couldn't agree more with you. you will lose the audience in case its not relevant to them
Vasilina Leushina
Thank you, Marcus! It's very interesting From my experience, for small and midsize businesses or bloggers, the ONLY way to get traffic and the audience is through newsletters and well-optimized blogs. Ads are toooooo expensive these days. That's what our users of https://surfaces.one say and that's why they are using our newsletter and blog tools
David Smooke
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Larry Nash
I think that it more depends on how you appeal to the interests and challenges of your target audience and the practical side of the content, rather than its length.
Interesting. I already know about the old writing tactics, but what are the steps to writing long-term content according to the 2022 strategy?
Ha Anh Luu
Very useful information πŸ‘ Thanks for sharing!
α—°α—©α™­ ᒍ.
Thanks for sharing this, I think it really depends on the market you are going after..
Gowtham G
Great stuff! Long content does perform better. I think short contents are more useful the more shorter they are, like in Instagram or Twitter as they can be used to pull audience to the real long content. I has recently designed a landing page for an idea I've been working on, could you have a look at it and give some feedback, and if the idea is something you've been waiting for, do tell me
Alina Ihnatiuk
Interesting! Thank you very much for sharing!
Ryans Shumon
In most cases, longer content performs better for organic search than short-form content. But that is not just because of the word count. It is because many search queries require detailed results and content to cover a topic in great depth. I always recommend writing long content. It helps to get more organic traffics than short-form content. Also, long content should have more information more tactics and it meets search intent demands. Great Stuff! Thanks for sharing Markus