Is the Clubhouse hype over?

Markus Jenul
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It's super noisy and unstructured - compared to a Podcast. Haven't seen much talk about it lately, it seems to me it's a bit over, and only the hardcore fans stayed. (but I might be totally wrong 😅)
Markus Jenul
@johnnyfekete I had a similar feeling about it :D They were so hyped during he pandemic but I don't hear a lot these days. I was wondering if it took them too long to start on Android as well. The CEO once mentioned that they want to take their time to make the iOS experience perfect..
Iris Park
It was huge in Korea too, but now it seems quiet. Although I might not know because I'm an android user.
Sofya Narbut
I think the hype is down for several months already. Not even memes about it are there anymore...
Anna Mandziuk 🇺🇦
It flew so high at first and crushed very rapidly too, I haven't seen a downfall that big for a long time
Markus Jenul
@gaelle_lacoste So crazy how this has changed. Felt like every celebrity was on there for a short amount of time
Atul Ghorpade
It's already over. Public are mostly active on Twitter Spaces.
Markus Jenul
@atulghorpade so you think twitter is back and trending again? :)
Eddie Märtins
I personally tried to get into it but they gotta have the worst algorithm ever. I set German and English as my languages and yet everytime I check it there are rooms in completely random languages (I just google translator checked the room at the top of my feed, it is apparently Somali (??). Really weird.