What are your working hours working from home? 9 to 5 or 12 to 12?

Cica-Laure Mbappé
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Hi makers, I'm curious to know if you manage to work a regular 9 to 5 at home, or did you adjust your working hours? Do you work on the weekends too?


Jan Mazurek
When I had to work from home I used to keep my standard working hours from 8 AM to 4 PM
Cica-Laure Mbappé
@jan_mazurek that's a good slot. Do you often have meetings or teamwork? In that case I understand that you have to maintain your standard working hours.
Sarah Jordi
My work hours are definitely different at home. But in a good way. I dare to take breaks when I feel like it and on the other hand I let the flow flow once I‘m in it :) I don‘t mind writing text copies until late at night when I feel inspired and productive. Especially when I know that I can then in return take it easy the next morning or next time I lack inspiration. I really enjoy this way of working 😊
Slava Bobrov
I experimented with different approaches. It depends on the kind of activity I'm currently engaged in. If I am in product building/marketing mode, then the focus goes to completing the work rather than following a certain schedule. If I am in studying/learning mode, then working hours look more balanced.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
@slava_bobrov I understand. But in that case, do you work longer than if you were at the office?
Jack Davis
I am currently working 9-5 and 12-12 on my startup currently!
Jan Mazurek
@jack_davis7 could you explain. The timesheets does merge or exclude?
Jack Davis
@jan_mazurek haha I just meant I work on it almost all waking hours. I was going off what Cica asked so I was not sure I understood the timetable either but I just was trying to say I am always working on it!
Liza Karelina
My working hours are flexible. I really like to work remotely - you may do things at home, in a cafe, in the park. Changing location really helps not to procrastinate. But I track my time with a tracker and control how much time I am working. It should be at least 35 hours per week.
Dimitris Karavias
I've never had 2 identical days working from home, and that includes working hours!
Mona Erb
For me it really depends on my motivation and my energy level. If I have a rather low energy level, I prefer to go out and work from the office or a library. When I have a good energy level I love working from home and dive into the tunnel. At home I'm less distracted compared to the office, where everyone can disturb you at any given time. However, the perfect way to go for me is to have a couple of days during the week in the office and a couple of days at home :)
Ben Tyler
I have been trying, emphasis on trying to have my work house be 5:30am to 3pm. Thus far I am liking it and finding it easier to flip the switch between work and relaxation.
Stewart Rogers
It varies, but I typically begin at around 9-10 am, and unless I'm working with West Coast clients, finish around 6 pm. It is highly variable though, but most importantly (regardless of working from home or elsewhere), I ensure regular breaks to get out, walk, do something creative, or have fun. It's important to do so for strong mental health.
Vio Vanica
I work in cycles. I would say the first one 9am-1pm, the second 3-5pm and the last one 6-9pm, I found it the best approach that suits me, so that I actually do the things which need high brain activity in the first cycle and the administrative things in the second cycle and the other things that require high brain activity in the third cycle.
Benoit Chambon
Depends on my efficiency level, but I can work hard during a long period :) I often work on Saturday too, depending on the sprint ;)
Stas Voronov
I worked on a life-work regime for a long time and eventually came to the 8-5 formula. But this is personalized - for example, my maximum productive hours are from 8 to 12, after that I can do the routine. After 5 pm I can no longer work and prefer to rest
Alen Drew
@stas_voronov Yes, my productive hours are 10 am to 8 pm for my clients. I am very curious also it is very difficult to manage time at home but it is manageable and easy. This is good to work here. https://Cleanthese.com
Maxim Frostman
My kids control my schedule ;) Trying to work when they are busy with something or sleeping.
Bahar Vahidian ⁦
For me it's like 24/7/365 :)))
Somehow always, day and night, because I havy many ideas and things to do, and I want our product to succeed.
Richard Fang
9.30am to 5.30pm but of course it varies!