It's Friday and I failed to achieve what's on my weekly list.

Cica-Laure Mbappé
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That feeling when you wanted to do more, to be more productive... Another week is ending, and sometimes I feel like a don't deserve a weekend break. Am I too demanding with myself? Probably :) How do you deal with this feeling?


Stephane Ibos
I can tell you are very demanding of yourself ;) You rock!
Danielle Hauser
You rock! Don't despair!!!!
I noticed that if I don't take one day off, I'm slowly running out of energy. I might be thinking about my work, what the next step should be, weighting options. That means I'm never fully off, just not producing anything tangible for at least 1 day. In order words: Take the rest day.
Erin McCune
Rest is super important too! And just pick your 3 MITs for next week (Most Important Things) and then I have no doubt you will knock them out of the park :)
Kritika Oberoi
If you're hitting every milestone, your targets are probably too easy. It's okay to win some and lose some!