What are your top tips for launch day on Product Hunt?

Alexandra Thomas
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We'll be launching our product on PH in the new year, what should we prioritize? What should we avoid? We'd love to hear your advice!


Coraline Aeimerton
I think that we dont necessary have to wait and create the best product before launching. We have to face the market as soon as possible if we want to collect relevants feedbacks from customers. And that, in order to adapt the product to the demand as quick as possible. Am I right ?
Fabian Maume
This is my action plan template for PH launch: https://docs.google.com/spreadsh...
Bertha Kgokong
I have launched just one product here on PH: 🔥 Prioritise 👉🏽 Building your networks months before launch-date 👉🏽 Make sure everything works on your landing page and have some analytics in place to measure visits/conversions etc 👉🏽 Get your whole team to participate, if you don't have a team - get your friends: respond to comments, upvote comments - just create engagement on your post through the whole day. 🎌Avoid 👉🏽 Sharing your PH link on launch day (yes) -- it might sound counter intuitive, but you don't want votes from people who are new to PH , those voted get removed anyway