What is the biggest challenge you face on a daily basis?

Alexandra Thomas
4 replies
We often talk about big obstacles in our journeys, but rarely those smaller challenges that we face regularly that still need to be overcome. Mine is keeping my team motivated and supported through digital means working from home.


christian graves
building wtfh 🔮 + lmbk ✨
great question.. for me it's dialing in all the fragmented tasks across small teams that need to get done and having visibility on how they flow
David J. Kim
Co-Founder of Between
I'd say it's mostly ideation. Creating content that is actually valuable and not just already out there.
Preeti Chovoor
Peace X Marketing and Dev
For me it is to stay on task and keeping my teams priority straight (such as for launching)
Man G. Luu
i'm a young digital marketer
Mine is trying to keep myself focus. There are so many distractions on the internet, and especially now we all work from home, it's even harder to concentrate.