What are your thoughts on launching two products in the same month?

Alejandra Cienfuegos
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What if you have two products ready for launch. Would you launch both products in the same month and leverage momentum? or would you wait more between the launches? 👀


Deepak Yadav
I have done that. If you can ship faster that would be amazing!
Alejandra Cienfuegos
@worklab Yes! I've seen that some brands launch really fast 🚀
Leandro Zubrezki
I think it depends, do both products share the same audience? If they do I would advise giving some time between launches, if they do not then go for it!!!
Alejandra Cienfuegos
@leanzubrezki Thank you Lean! that sounds about right. Audience is very similar but I don't think is exactly the same. Both are "business" products but very different purposes/goals.
I've done that with 2 Notion related products and had success! The main reason was I knew I would be busy in the subsequent months so I wanted to release the products prior to the busy period. If I had the time I would've probably spaced it out over 2 months. Allows for more pre-release awareness and promotion.
Alejandra Cienfuegos
@hugh_dawkins I understand that Hugh. My main concern is overwhelmed the audience, but the thing is that my second product is part of a challenge from the Women Make community, so I think the momentum of the challenge can help. What do you think?
@alejandra_cienfuegos I think you should go for it! Given the existing momentum and the nature of the challenge, I'd say your audience is expecting you to release the product. Let me know if I can be of any help when you do launch :)
Nabeel Amir
We have three products to launch on the product hunt, and we will be Launching all three in the same month within an equal time frame. I believe it works great.
Alejandra Cienfuegos
@nabeel_amir Thank you Nabeel, I'll be looking forward to your launches.
Fabian Maume
There is no problem in launching 2 products in a month. However, I would recommend not to launch 2 products in the same weeks. You should not over solicitate your audience for support.
Alejandra Cienfuegos
@fabian_maume Thank you Fabian, yes the same weeks seems too much. And as you said my main concern was overwhelmed the audience.
Samir Moussa
Does Product Hunt allow you to launch multiple products under the same company within 6 months of each other? I'm referring to this article here: https://help.producthunt.com/en/... Of course separate products would be ok.
Alejandra Cienfuegos
@samir_moussa Products are not related with each other in my case. Just used the same "hosting" platform which is Notion. What an interesting article 👀 I didn't know that thing about the 6 months.
Brian Nutt
@samir_moussa We are launching what started out as just a feature of our larger product development on 5/2/22 but this article has me questioning that. How can I determine if this launch will impede us from launching the larger platform before 6 months' time passes? Hmmmmm..... While I'm at it, you can check out our upcoming product page here- www.producthunt.com/upcoming/adi...