What are your thoughts on Apple Intelligence, the new personal intelligence system?

Ahmet Can Aslan
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As an Apple user, I'm excited about the introduction of Apple Intelligence. Integrating powerful generative models directly into iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


Zekiye Nur Kesici
Apple Intelligence seems like a game-changer, bringing powerful AI capabilities directly to our devices. I'm excited to see how it enhances productivity and user experience in real-world applications.
Sezin Yurtlu
Apple Intelligence will simplify everyday tasks and make creative processes more intuitive. I'm particularly excited about the potential for seamless integration across Apple's ecosystem. 😄
Sol Yousefi
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Cory Blumenfeld
Sounds like an exciting development! I'm eager to explore how it simplifies tasks, boosts productivity, and delivers tailored recommendations.
JD Worcester
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Luca Sturlese
Having watched the keynote I have mixed feelings, mainly because I want to understand the architecture behind it all, especially from a security point of view. Hopefully those details start to come out when the AI service is in beta. Also from my understanding (could be wrong) but Apple Intelligence is the combination of AI on-device + the Private Cloud Compute. This is separate from the ChatGPT integration into Siri which asks the user if they want to share the related content in the request with ChatGPT or not. Not sure if that is what everyone else understood or not, would be keen to get other people's views. Putting my security concerns to the side, I think Apple Intelligence is awesome and will make using iOS/iPadOS/MacOS so easier adding a lot of quality of life life features - e.g. I loved the ability to add an address to an existing contact by just telling Siri. What a pain it is to do manually today, especially on an iPhone.
Gurkaran Singh
Apple Intelligence seems like a promising sidekick to our tech endeavors; I wonder if it'll start reminding us when we forget our chargers, too!