What are your thoughts about CLUBHOUSE App?

Felix Josemon
6 replies
The app crossed 1 million active users in a short span of time (as per townhall announcement) and is still on invite only. Is Clubhouse the future? What are your thoughts


It needs an Android app or at least Web App
Tyler Speegle
Interesting, yet familiar concept. Genius marketing and on boarding. I’m not a big fan of it being “voice only” — yet I’m sure that’s what makes it so brilliant.
Morgan Lucas
The annoying side of Twitter - LLC Twitter - flooded it to share their bad advice. Not a real fan.
Bikash Kampo
This app might be the ultimate gift born especially after the global pandemic of 2020. (1) It Has True Virality. That's why so many downloads. (2) It’s Just Your Voice! No Need to Be Camera-Ready… (Loved this thing) (3) Rapidly Build Business Connections (Something to overcome from linkedin) (4) It Empowers You to Use Your Voice (5) It Offers Real Human Engagement (the real need of today's world) (6) You Can Test Your Ideas