Share your Workspace setup?

Felix Josemon
2 replies
Have you upgraded your home office while working from home? Share your setups!


Barry Smith
I already worked from home so no changes for me. My wife however never worked from home until March. She started off working at a card table in our bedroom. It wasn't good for anyone. She felt like she never left work. After we took our daughter off the college, that room became my wife's office. Things are better for her, but I'm sure our daughter will have something to say about it when she visits at Christmas. Cheers.
Karen Middleton
Yeah, I have updated my bedroom while working from home. I work for an IT company and my all work is on the laptop. I just only need internet and a laptop to work. In starting it was easy for me to work but then I start facing a problem with my neck. Then I found out that it is because of my headboard. So, I planned to change my headboard, and thanks to my girlfriend who shared the website with me in which I have found Modway lily upholstered headboard which seems good for me. I did only this upgrade, rest is fine for me.