What are your Must-Have features in a saving & budgeting app?

Domhnall O' Hanlon
6 replies
Currently working on a fun side project to build (and launch!) an app to help folks with saving and budgeting. Have been researching what's out there already and curious to know what the most important features are for you and if an app has any major advantages (or disadvantages!) over the traditional pen and paper approach that a lot of folks seem to opt for?


Jonathan Massabni
A progress bar! Pen and paper for budgeting is too tedious
Domhnall O' Hanlon
@jonathanm a progress bar sounds essential! It's not in my initial design, but will definitely add one. Bonus question: is it counting up until the goal is met, or does it start full and count down until the goal?
Daniel Leal
Keeping easy track of the expenses, I do it with a chat un WhatsApp with my wife and then at the end of the week we update our excel so maybe something around this problem could be awesome.
Dafni Chontou
Cool project! Personally, I haven't really gone the pen and paper way. I keep track of expenses on my bank app (they are tagged in different categories automatically) and my subscriptions on Notion. Agree with the progress bar. Would also be cool to see tips on saving and insights on my spending/ saving activities (if it has gone up certain months, etc).
Mark Lense
When I chose the application that I would like to use, first of all I paid attention to the appearance and how it works. But my friend advised me to read the reviews on https://chime.pissedconsumer.com/review.html and I saw that the appearance of the application does not always indicate that other features that I need will always work correctly. Therefore, I asked people about their experience of using it and wrote out for myself those benefits that I considered important.