What are your favourite digital marketing checklists? ☑

Inessa Bokhan
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Hey guys! I'm strongly convinced that checklists are the king and the queen of how-to content, as they really help me save a ton of time and usually include proven best practices, helping you avoid common mistakes. What are your favourite checklists for digital marketing that you keep going back to? Thank you!


Natalie Karakina
Love Hubspot checklists!
Arthur Andreyev
Spot on, Inessa! With so many processes running at the same time, it's so easy to miss something really important in digital marketing. As an email marketer, I often get really nervous before hitting that 'Send' button. So many things can go wrong, and if they do, you're about to let almost 200K subscribers down. Not to let that happen, I always use checklists. The one from Campaign Monitor is really useful for senders. Check it out -
Mary Scotorenko
I agree with you, Inessa! Checklists are an excellent way to prioritize to-dos and never forget even the smallest thing. My top list of fav checklists is the following: – The technical SEO checklist – https://www.link-assistant.com/n... – The blogger outreach checklist –https://static1.squarespace.com/... – The social media manager's checklist – https://buffer.com/resources/dai... – The SEO Writing Checklist – https://www.link-assistant.com/n...
Mary Scotorenko
@inessa_bokhan No problem! They help me a lot to organize my workflow, so I hope you'll find them useful too :)
Manish Rawat
Hubspot and Engagebay
Marlet Kervolin
We had a cheklist about content marketing that consisted of: Finding content ideas that our clients are looking for Sorting them out Writing content about them Optimizing the SEO of the content So we decided to make a tool to compile it all! And we released it today on PH! 😄 If you want to support us ; his name is Asking Franklin 🔥
Aleh Barysevich
@marlet_kervolin Thank you, Marlet, sounds really cool! Congrats with your launch - just upvoted your product ;)
Debajit Sarkar
Here are a few checklist that I have found to be useful: 1. Checklist to streamline content promotion: https://www.process.st/checklist... 2. Monday.com which is a checklist for planning the entire marketing workflow including content strategy: https://monday.com/ 3. Checklist for long tail keywords: https://www.semrush.com/blog/how...
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Sofia Polonska
I really love Sidewalker Daily )) it is amazing https://sidewalkerdaily.com/
Anand Radhakrishnan
Inessa, this is a great question. Honestly there is so much to digital marketing. However the best approach to take is one that is best suited to the product or service you are looking to market and your goto market strategy. What works for one might not work for the other. We just launched @websitestoolz on PH today and are super excited. DO check it out.
Reza Nilofer
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Reza Nilofer
1. Checklist to streamline content promotion: https://www.itblock.sg/search-en........