How would you promote an API solution? All ideas are welcome! 🦄

Inessa Bokhan
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Hey fellow Product Hunters! Imagine you've just launched a new awesome API solution that lets collect some kind of data that could be used by a wide range of companies - statistics services, data visualization apps, online catalogs, etc. How would you market your API? Where would you run ads to promote it to a wider audience? 🤔 Thanks in advance for all your responses and #MondayMotivation! 🙌


Fabian Maume
It depend what is your target audience: do target developer or business people? If you target business people integrating with Zapier & Integromat, could be a good investment. If you target developer first step will be to get listed on different API repository: For developer outreaching some tech influencers on Twitter can also work rely well.
Aleh Barysevich
@fabian_maume Hi Fabian! Thanks a lot for the informative reply 👍 At this stage, we're considering all available options, including businesses and developers. Getting listed on the directories is a superb recommendation!
Carlo Thissen
@fabian_maume @inessa_bokhan We made incredibly good experiences with online communities. This is a very manual grind in the beginning and it definitely ca take a couple of weeks to get warm in a community. But if you give first and are interested in authentic engagement people are very mich willing to support you if your offer resonates with them. This is how we got our first 100 users before we officially launched on PH far later.
Aleh Barysevich
@fabian_maume @carlo_thissen Thanks for sharing your experience, Carlo! Have you found relevant communities on social media or some other platforms?
Carlo Thissen
@fabian_maume @inessa_bokhan I might not be the best regarding your specific topic but overall I made great experiences with Slack and Discord Communities.
Max Beelow
Personal outreach and ads on specialized resources might help. Also launching it here on Product Hunt :)
Eliott Dupuy
I succeed to sell several APIs in the luxury world (In Europe). So I share you my experience. Free trial, freemium, ads, and all digital marketing didn't produce good result.. Most of time the companies that use data by APIs are quite large. So a high CAC and a high LTV as well. You have to talk to a buyer. What works well is very well targeted and personalized cold mail. Then events very targeted with these people, invite them all to have good time. Once you have several clients, try to introduce yourself to others in the same sector. To scale it requires good sales. Hope it will help you
Wael Khattar
Content Marketing, LinkedIn , Twitter, scouting communities to find our early users. Partnerships with Accelerators & Incubators to get a pipeline internationally. Partnerships with API marketplaces to reach banks "Door to Door" sales with Fintechs to scale.