What are your favorite no-code tools?

Sharath Kuruganty
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If you built something and shipped it on Product Hunt using a no-code tool, drop them here.


Andrew Jackson
I'm working with https://siter.io/ right now. Nice free-hand design tool.
@yusuke2424 curious if you built something using Adalo?
Built progress studies guide using Notion: https://mahogany-note-05a.notion...
Pramod Rao
We used the following no-code tools to build Community OS: Notion - Community OS content Webflow - landing page Mailerlite - email flow Typeform - post sign-up onboarding Integromat - connecting Webflow, Mailerlite, Typeform Figma - artwork Jitter Video - animated logo
@prao25 haha lol I swear I had that exact name written down a few months ago, glad to see someone is building it πŸ˜…
Lisa Dziuba
@prao25 feel free to add your favourite tools in here: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Collin Thompson
@prao25 OMG, this is great. it's not easy pulling all these resources together and making it digestible. Well done.
Aashray Singhal
@aashray_singhal This is a great combination, would like to know if you made/ or are making something using the above tools?
Aashray Singhal
@sagar_devkate Hey there, yes 2 projects are in final stage. Soon you will be seeing the very first launch where I have used only Airtable and Softr.:)
Dafni Chontou
Webflow is my absolute favorite. Design flexibility on a whole new level.
@dafnihnd I'm learning webflow now, its nice wrt to design, curious to know if you made something using it?
Dafni Chontou
@sagar_devkate Yes! I built various version of our Wonderpath website: https://www.wonder-path.com/ Early on I started building stuff from scratch and struggled a bit. Now, I've embraced starting with templates and/or components - check out Flowbase or Relume (launched today on PH https://www.producthunt.com/post...)
@dafnihnd Huge fan of Webflow it absolutely dominates all other site hosting tools in terms of the flexibility it offers
Mark Stephenson
We use our own tool, https://www.pagecloud.com, to design and create our website, blog and even manage content within our product dashboard.
Birju Gurung
I just launched OctoBlocks - A one-page website builder. You can access the PRO version @ $15/year but if you act now, you will get it @ $10/year. Use coupon code: octoblocks https://octoking.com/octoblocks/...
Andrii Kpyto
I think @lisadziuba will help with this question 🀝
Maciej Cupial
I'm building an online booking system for two years. You can build a landing page with a calendar and services. https://calendesk.com/
The integrators - IFTTT, Zapier, Automate.Io so useful for those repetitive functions!
I use Bubble and webflow for my projects. I use to give myself excuses about not knowing how to code, but there are so much empowering! And I just launched one of mine projects, yesterday. It helps people create a gallery of their favourite content. Showing their recommendations. Would love your feedback on it. πŸ‘‰πŸ» https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Ankit R
@yashjaing Agree. I started using Bubble just a couple of months back and being a non-techie it was really cool to be able to build things so easily. I'm launching a project soon, hope ppl like it!
Ankit R
I found Bubble to be really easy for building MVPs, especially for non-tech folk who want to test ideas without having to spend a bomb outsourcing a simple webapp!
@uncutgem Have heard of bubble, can you please point me to some resources where I can learn to build stuff using bubble?
Ankit R
@sagar_devkate Bubble itself has a great library of both text and video manuals to learn basics and go all the way to advanced. Their 'How-to' guides help you even make clones of real apps like airbnb, uber etc., which I personally loved!
- Bubble for MVP building - Figma for design - Wix for website - Zapier for integration newsletter/MVP I was very surprised by how much it was possible to achieve with Bubble, I recommend it to any non-technical person that wants to try out building something fully functional
@gaialiciabalossidid did you find any limitations to Bubble? Do you think it could completely replace a developer for MVP building?
Dafni Chontou
@gaialiciabalossidid @hugh_dawkins jumping in here as we've build our web app on Bubble. Completely agree on the flexibility it offers! You can build reliably a ton of stuff and complex workflows. There are certain limitations (we ran into some UI ones) but possible to find workarounds. Responsiveness was an issue until recently with some new features. Overall, I find it a very powerful tool but difficult to learn. Almost a coding language in itself. We have a developer building on bubble with us.
Greg Boch
We in our studio create a lot of apps and platforms as well as complex products. We use Bubble, Integromat, Webflow, Airtable, Adalo, Mailchimp, Notion. You can find examples of the projects we have created on our website 021.so
Quentin β€œπ‘Έβ€ Durantay
I'm a huge fan of: - https://www.integromat.com/ and https://n8n.io/ for workflows - https://www.xano.com/ for the backend - https://www.weweb.io/ for the frontend (disclaimer: I work there πŸ˜‰ but nonetheless a fan πŸ˜† )
Notion - for nearly everything! Carrd - for amazing landing pages Databox - for tracking metrics Canva & Figma - creating illustrations Crisp - integrated chatbox