What are your favorite board games?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Bonus points if you say what you love about the game the most. Let the games begin ๐ŸŽฒ


Ryan Gilbert
Monopoly! Easy to learn/play but also takes awhile so you're committed for awhile.
Parth jadhav
Ludo has been my favourite! Little luck, little brain and a lot of fun.
Sofya Narbut
If I want some drama โ†’ UNO and Monopoly 100%, If I want some fun โ†’ Card Against Humanity
Sofya Narbut
@rachel_levitz yeah I like that there is competition in the game, but not everything evolves it. Everyone playing just wants to have one hell of a laugh!
Dafni Chontou
Terraforming Mars! Helps you train your decision-making and strategy skills. And it's fun!
Michael Silber
Scythe is a fantastic game that translates well to online play. It takes a while to play, but it features more strategy and relies less upon luck than most other games. Pandemic is a great co-op game, but I haven't really been that excited to play it since... you know.
Benjamin Grandfond
- Rail adventure: really fun to play. We really laugh when we blockage progression the one to the other on purpose - Katana (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardg...) discovered lately thanks to @gael_motte we had a lot of fun with this one - Unstable unicorns, again thanks to @gael_motte! Just reading card names and you already laugh :)
Gael Motte
@benjamin_grandfond2 it was indeed quite a laugh to play Unstable Unicorns with the NSFW extension at a work event.
Ryan Hoover
One of my faves: Catan.
Jake Crump
Ticket to Ride is so much fun. It's pretty relaxing and really easy to pick up and play. Munchkin is fun if you like Dungeons and Dragons but don't feel like doing the whole roleplay thing. Century: Golem edition is always a favorite with friends and family. The gems it comes with are fun to collect and trade during the game and the artwork on the cards is really beautiful. Not technically a board game, but Magic: The Gathering is incredibly fun and will also consume all of your disposable income if you let it. Again, not technically a board game, but Dungeons and Dragons is my absolute favorite game of all time and it's not even a close competition. It's incredible, and I highly recommend trying it out at least once.
Gael Motte
Let's split them by genre, I won't be able to rank them otherwise ! 4X : Scythe for it's beautiful alternate reality, complexity and subtle asymmetry & Root for its down right crazy asymmetry Worker placement : Annachrony for its depth and resource scarcity & Viticulture because why not combine two passions of mine Programmation : A Game Of Throne (board game) for how crazy my playmates turn when I take 30 minutes planning my next move. Deck Building : Clank ( In Space ! ) for the number of ways you can harass or kill your fellow thieves without ever touching them. Card Drafting : Terraforming Mars for the scientific research and oh-so-f**king-many-ways you can try to make that rock inhabitable with all the extensions & 7 Wonders Duel for the nice alternative to standard draft Narrative Coop : Arkham Horror because the game hates me as much as I love it & Gen-7 for the many narrative mindf**ks Asymmetric Coop : Keep talking and nobody explodes for the possibility to accommodate one screen-addict gamer. Roll and Write : Welcome To ! for the fact there is 0 luck involved for a Roll and Write Story Telling : Gloom for the crazy stories you end up with Dexterity : Jungle Speed because if you have never broken a TV and a pair of fingers you missed something in life. Party : Unstable Unicorns for the face your colleagues make when they draw NSFW cards (poke @benjamin_grandfond2 @jonathanbeurel )
James Augeri
Tic-Tac-Toe || Checkers -> easiest way to learn if want to play another game with someone based on how they handle winning or losing
I love playing Carrom!
Oleg Poltava
Monopoly, because you can learn finances๐Ÿ˜
Tom Shwa
Diplomacy is one of the best !!
Rachel Levitz
Recently played secret hitler for the first time - and loved it!
Tommy Bloom๐ŸŒด
Growing up I had the Monopoly Lord of the Rings edition, added a great flare to the classic game ๐Ÿ’