What are your expectations for a video conferencing tool?

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We know all the classic tools like Zoom or Teams. If you were to have a more advanced videoconference in terms of tools, what would you expect?


David Cagigas
It depends on the teams requirements but I would say end-to-end encryption for meetings, up to 100 concurrent users, virtual backgrounds, nice layouts...
@cagigas When you talk about 100 people simultaneously, you mean 100 in the same meeting? Or 100 who use the same platform without necessarily making a call?
As I have meetings with a variety of people, I try to prioritise apps that have a simple interface that anyone can use. This ensures any client feels comfortable and empowered. Otherwise, additional bonuses like long (ideally unlimited) meeting time and virtual backgrounds are good too.
@maxine_buchert Of course, a simple application is the basis! We have developed our own videoconferencing for BtoB use. We decided to go on a simple and time-saving use! Tell me what you think ;) https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Elena Cirera
Quick connectivity, decent video quality, security and third-party integration.
Carsten Pleiser
1. No download necessary for viewers 2. Speed to launch