What are your biggest questions as a Founder of a new business?

Emil Dalgård Rasmussen
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Hi there 👋 Lot's of things are unclear when starting a business. Prior to starting our current company I was considering building a newsletter style business that answered common founder questions and produced "How to Guides". I'm curious to hear what your biggest questions are as a founder of a new business? Maybe I can even answer a few of them. Thank you!


Is it worth opening a business during a pandemic?
Emil Dalgård Rasmussen
@janellaphett There are many businesses that would be fantastic to start during a pandemic e.g. Zoom, delivery services, etc. There are also some where the timing would be less great. E.g. cruises, or hotels
It seems to me that the hardest part of opening a business is settling all the legal issues. A friend of mine has been making money from trading for a long time. Moreover, he owns MLP securities https://www.suredividend.com/mlp... , which bring him a steady income every year. He has been dreaming of opening a basketball school since he was a kid, free to all comers. He is from a poor family and, as a child, did not have the opportunity to go-to section. Now he has the money to open one and expects the state to encourage his activities.
Emil Dalgård Rasmussen
@jadamedske Hey there - thanks a lot for the question. I'd really encourage you not to let the legal challenges hold you off from starting a business. Again, most businesses will be relatively simple to set up. There are even services like www.stripe.com/atlas which help you set it up for as little as $500 if you are in the US. Also, most of this you will learn over time.