What are your best tips for a CEO who's about to relocate? ✈

Nim Ron
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Sure you guys will have some awesome tips for CEOs (like myself) who have to relocate away from most of their team, and still keep pushing their company forward and up. Would appreciate any insights or experiences you can share about remote management, communication, relationships, etc. - both for me as well as for everyone else here! Shoot 😎


Tommy Bloom🌴
How exciting, best of luck @nimrodron!
Not sure if companies do this anymore and I was not a CEO, just a senior director of ad sales and marketing in Spanish, Portunes, and tried to include French in that. I had this ferry intelligence t Harvad graduate make sure absolutely no matter who’s many hires come above me: when I live “n-territory” Iive in a hotel of my choice. I lived that way for 6 years but i at the time I had to get on a play go have a meeting in the major cities. NYC, Buenes Aires, Madrid, Mexico DF, Bogota, São Paulo I places I lived. And all travel was on overnight flight. In my opinion the Hotel always acted as an elegant office. Plus I did not have to hire assistants, waste time in traffic and generally be safe. Each city was so dynamic. And sales involved a great deal of “negotiations” local governments. So say anything you can do to allow you more time to work and become multicultural: negotiate! Our CEO had do or die this “secretary” in her 60’s and we were all in our 20’s. Very smart of him to give his office grandeur statue. (He had his own family Gulfsteam plus family homes in NYC, Madrid, London, Caraca and I believe Paris among others. He could feel at home anywhere plus he has “local” assistance in those cities. Best I could do was Four Seasons, etc. Also read about the place you will live at.
Hi Nim, I have been working remotely for the past 2.5 years and I am leading a team of 15 developers. I really think remote working has a lot of benefits to provide (less stress/commute, more flexibility...) and from what I have seen, it does not affect the team productivity at all! What is really challenging is to keep engaged over time. My tip is to organize some team events to gather your forces regularly! A couple of friends are actually starting a service called "Teamout". The goal is to help remote companies to organize memorable moment for their remote teams: It can be related to work or just taking the time to meet again. So far, it's been working really great and I am thinking about organizing these kind of events twice a year. You can check them out, they are on product hunt too: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Hope this can help! Cheers