What are you working on today?

Avery Carter
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I'll go first: Today I'm working on growth and engagement strategies for a consumer app we're building. I'm new-ish to growth-related tasks so I've found it to be a bit daunting atm. Most of my tasks are around email campaigns and using mixpanel data to observe patterns and strategize for reengagement. Any growth tips or resources appreciated btw :) We're building Dabble, where you can design a room with furniture from any website you visit. Check it out here and feel free to leave feedback! https://dabble.so/


Dabble looks quite nice! Isn't there a way to see a bit of content without signing up? On my side today, I'll finish writing a mini-review of Daniel H Pink's book "Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us" that I am planning on posting on Indie Hackers in the afternoon (my profile is @BibHack if you're interested) :)
Hey, I am Ekram. Dedicated at my job.
I am working for my assignment.
I am a Digital Marketer.
Working on improving my skills.
Working 100% on the internet
I am working on improving my online earnings
Creator of Lenster
I'm working on Taskord https://taskord.com, and fixing lotta bugs and new features.
Hey, I am Nadeem.
I'm designing a website
Technical writer
Working on an article for https://www.techslang.com/ :)
Like to learn Something New
I am communicating friends and family. Besides studying and working on some sites.
I like to searching new product
i am working for my new project related studies.
I am a student
Hi, i am a student
I am working on my site https://puritypluspoint.com Today is yoga day so my first priority is yoga. because in this Covid situation I really aware about health that how health is wealth.
I am passionate about my work
I am doing my work in freelancing site
Hey, I am Nadeem.
I am working on product search filter plugin
I am a student
Working on improving my skills.