9/29 Thread: What are you working on today?

Avery Carter
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Shameless plugs wanted. Share a link and a sentence on what you're building


Avery Carter
For me its this: https://www.mixandmatch.me/ A virtual interior designer you can text for free šŸ¤˜
@averycarter I'm going to check it out. We've been looking for an interior designer to help us out with our family room. It's a pain in the butt finding anyone.
Avery Carter
@giphcards It totally is! We had a hunch on how to improve the process so that's what we're building. I hope it helps :)
Avery Carter
@giphcards It should be within a day! i'm posting this in a few different places so hopefully there isn't a huge backlog. Ideally we make it instant
Jochem Gerritsen
Currently working on a new version of our private community of European entrepreneurs, Enter Network. I just created our Ship page here on ProductHunt, to see what it would do. So I'm curious if that will be a good marketing tool.
Andreea Bunica
@jochemgerritsen sounds good! I'm from Europe, definitely looking for more people to connect around and speak startup and funding things!
Chloe Diamond
I'm currently working on spreading the word about https://swashapp.io/ ! It's a browser plugin that pays people for the value their data generates online. A super exciting real-world use case of blockchain šŸ˜Ž
Lucie Loubet
Same as @jochemgerritsen . I'm working on a new product launch (a visual editor that lets designers publish apps and websites https://designware.io/). I'm wondering how much I should focus on Ship as a marketing tool.
Jochem Gerritsen
Cool stuff @lucie_l ! If you read more about Ship then do let me know, I'm curious to hear from others and their experiences.
Sarika Tyagi
I'm working on improving user experience over at https://4degrees.ai/! It's a professional relationship management tool that helps people maintain and strengthen their professional relationships, particularly in relationship-driven industries such as Venture Capital, Consulting, and Investment Banking! Check us out :)
Miguel Araujo
i do more faster this site https://www.ymail.info/ and try to get some keys in the firts position in google
Andrea Cavagna
Preparing the launch of Leapp on Thursday
Preston Bebas
Currently working on https://1vote.co, a social media and news hub that lets users view and vote on their favorite Internet content.
Joel Loyol
Working on driving some traffic to my site https://wachdit.com through Facebook & Reddit. Going to work on making some changes to the post page. Wachdit is Music video discovery platform similar to Reddit.
Trying to figure out how best to launch https://GiphCards.com. I'm close to having everything ready, but never sure how best to promote it. Here's the about video if that sparks any ideas,
Gabriel Bujold
I'm working on making V2 Cloud a great resource for anything tech & cloud computing related :) We're a desktop as a service build by a fully-remote team and we try to make businesses use cloud computers instead of the classic laptops we all know. Check us out here https://v2cloud.com/ !
Mr Ethar Alali
Working on getting media exposure for https://www.automedi.co.uk
Michael Czigler
https://github.com/mcpcpc/kirc A tiny Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client designed for the best cross-platform experience possible
Andreea Bunica
shameless plugs! best thing. working on mean-bean ( https://mean-bean.com/ ) - an AR pocket device enabling screen-free, active remote interactions. We're building wearable and screen free AR powered by the community.
Iā€™m working on KwickBox, https://kwickbox.cloud Its an incognito mode based platform for CVā€™s
Philipp Brunenberg
!DayCaptain It's a personal time and task planning app which you can use at the speed of your thoughts. https://daycaptain.com