What are you working on this week?

Roberto Robles
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I'll start: I'm prepping for my PH launch, so I'm working on having ready the product video and images, first comment, and answers to common questions. Also improving the onboarding and updating help docs and video guides. Your turn ๐Ÿ‘‡


Andrea Brice
This is a platform which overwhelms me a bit. I'm not even quite sure when to submit my product, Willowfinch. I know yours is live, so I'd love to read more about your strategy on when you added Product Hunt launch into your overall timeline.
Simon Barker
CareerSwitchToCoding book is done and proof read, cover is done so now itโ€™s all systems go for launch on the 30th. This week is podcast episode (released) Conference submission (done) Product page (square space or gum road, Iโ€™m unsure as Iโ€™m already on SS) Be a best man at a wedding (wed) Interview someone else for podcast (thurs) Should be a good week
Julia Doronina
We are thinking about the concept of the video for our future PH launch and all text materials.
Roberto Robles
@julia_demyanchuk That's always a tricky part, specially if budget for video production is an issue. I just used a video created software to make a video that shows the value prop, some product screenshots and user testimonials. Took me about 2 hours to make it.
Julia Doronina
@roberto_robles wow, you are very fast! What software did you use?
Mike Goldi
Setting up a separate work space and moving away from it when I'm taking a break or even watching a short video that is not work related, has helped me stay focused. Admiral Casino Biz APK Download
Roberto Robles
@mikegold That's a really good idea! Is it another room in the house or do you have office space?
Iscu Andrei
A bit of reinventing the wheel: learning TypeScript by doing a config parser and deployer for K8S clusters.
Iscu Andrei
@roberto_robles it's fun and frustrating at the same time :) considering I come from a procedural, strong static typed programming background, I'm amazed how accustomed I became with javascript's quirks. But now it's time to drop all bad habits :D
Ruben Wolff
The team here is also working on the product to prepare the launch, and this week specifically there's a lot of writing planned (articles, guest blogging...)
Roberto Robles
@rubenwolff Nice! Best of luck with the launch! Hit me up here or on Twitter and I'll help on launch day ๐Ÿ‘Š
Daniil Glezer
Integration ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹
Roberto Robles
@daniilgdg What are you integrating?
Alice Rodgers
part-time support, Hubspot manager, partnership strategy๐Ÿค“
Roberto Robles
@cn__katie That's sounds good! What type of partnerships do you do?
Alice Rodgers
@roberto_robles we are on a stage now. We are thinking about incubators&accelerators, VCs, Events
Roberto Robles
@cn__katie Nice. Best of luck with the rest of the week!
Craig Wojtczak
I'm working on getting some feedback / validation on a project I'm working on. Any ideas on good platforms or places to do that?
Craig Wojtczak
@roberto_robles Thanks! Do you just ask people for feedback there? Or do you try to provide content that is valuable to grow an audience before asking?
Roberto Robles
@craig_wojtczak I start with content and building connections. Then I invited them to try my software and to let me know how I can improve it. Building connections is the most important part.
Michael Bogdanowicz
I am working on finding partners and clients for UX/UI at USA and Europe. And a lot of other projects of course=)
Antino Labs
I'm gonna research on best frameworks for mobile app development
Alex Belding
Really starting to prep our ICP and working on getting a few more beta users so we can prep our product for PH.
Sheiryl Jose
we're working on optimizing our website content using surfer seo tool :) Here is the link if you want to see our blogs and stories updated weekly :) https://lessandra.com.ph/blog-an...
Miri Blayckher
Great question. So fun to see all these answers. I'm working on our PH launch too, creating new marketing materials and reaching out the our users to get some feedback (and they're awesome, so it's also fun!)
Roberto Robles
@miri_blayckher Yes! It's so much fun! Do you already have a date for the launch?
Misha Krunic
Working on a new project - I've been developing a price monitoring tool (which is a very complex bot) for the last 10 years, and now I am planning to develop a Bot Protection test service, using the experience I gained.
Misha Krunic
@roberto_robles It really is, but it's fun. Thanks! Good luck with your launch! I will make sure to check it
Sofia Polonska
This week is fully dedicated to the prep of launch on the product hunt. also, we finally developed our mascot, and he is so cute)
Anton Ross
I am looking for hunters to launch my product next week, I am studying the platform, eliminating bugs, actively using my own service
I am building a Batch content for my startup for the month of August 2021 and for this I use Qinaps
Pallavi Jaisinghani
I'm working on a new article for @social_genietalk about scaling people & not just businesses.
Jacob Taylor
i am working on json web api to track location of person
Roberto Robles
@jacobtaylor22 cool. what is the use case? if you don't mind sharing :)