What are you planning to do this weekend?

Sharath Kuruganty
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David J. Kim
Relax with family + strategy sessions!
Yusuke Nishijima
Going to universal studio japan
Stefan Smiljkovic
Research on Solana and find some developers
Sachin Sinha
Work on my side project.
Michal Jackowski
Rewriting copy for my product's website 😅
Joshua Dance
Keep improving https://thisappwillgiveyouabs.co.... Just pushed metric support (kilograms are nice) live today. Also go on a date with my wife.
Tons of work - content to write. Shipping theintentional.xyz on Monday. Why did I choose a random soft launch date, I don't know.
Anil Meena
Designing marketing ads and developing a form builder on no-code
Victor David
I'm looking to get a few things done on my project and to get ready for Monday. On Monday, I've got a 10 hour road trip. I need to take one of my doggies to a specialist in another city.
Amarnath Nagula
I'm building an MVP product on bubble. I'm pretty confident with the must-have features that I planned to bring to life. I hope it works out well 😅
Relax with the family and watch the F1! Zoom Zoom...
Ezra Sandzer-Bell
Make music and relax.
Emmanuel Lefort
App QA… Launching soon !!
Derek Duban
Hopefully put my new project online for friendlies to try out. I'll have a weekly zoom with a friend. Maybe buy some groceries from the junk aisles and probably some veggies too.
Natasha Claydon
No time to rest, going to work on the new project
amid rey
complete my website
Endy Hug
Application development
Working on spinning-up BassGuitar.com on the Forem platform. Lot's of admin work for now. - Some exercise - drop by some Foodie event for a bit
Adi Bhatnagar
Clearing the mind by filling board which includes (but not limited to) ideas, strategy, last week's analysis.