What are you listening to when you work?

Cica-Laure Mbappé
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I just spotted a co-worker listening to classical music and I thought it was a good idea. What kind of music or podcast motivates you to work?


Arjay Osma
A friend of mine listens to classic jazz music. Very soothing and relaxing while working. As for me, I listen to light rock music, mostly 80s-90s music. Keeps me thinking about the good old days, nostalgia. It also allows me to concentrate on my tasks.
Greg Ludvickson
I love questions like these, where anyone can answer and it's a bit fun. I don't listen to anything, but that's mostly because I'm worried I'm going to miss a notification sound or something haha. If I'm less anxious about it, then I'll put on some indie punk or a relaxing playlist from Spotify. If it's a really light day, then I might even put on a show I've been meaning to watch in the background.
Anna Grigoryan
A carefully curated playlist of songs that I grew over years.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
@angrigoryan__ that's interesting! Did you use any specific tool to achieve this playlist?
David Tran
I usually listen to guitar or piano music. These music are relaxing and allow me focusing on the code.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
@davidtranwd yes instrumental is great to concentrate on tasks such as coding :)
Kristin Ides
I can't listen to anything with lyrics, it's too distracting. I like ambient and jazz but also Japanese drone / minimalist artists like Sawako (my fav) and Seki Takashi.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
@kristinides sounds interesting! Will definitely check out those artists.
Kristin Ides
@cica_laure_mbappe I find them all on Bandcamp! And then the $ goes to them directly.
Kira Leigh
I listen to 80s-90s music. Mostly goth bands from the 80s, sprinkled with some Grimes and Rico Nasty. MSI for those hard work days.
Vijay Giri
Joe Satriani! His guitar effects and melodies are just awesome.
If I know the trip will be long, then I listen to audiobooks. if not, then podcasts or music
Benoit Chambon
Depending the current task: when I need to have a huge focus, I listen to no-lyrics music. Sometimes jazz, mathrock, or movies soundtrack!
Ben Sibley
Lofi beats to chill, game, study, and chill to 😅
Bon Just
I usually listen to talk shows on NPR while I work. I find that the kind of music I listen to, when I do, needs to fit the emotional mood of the piece on which I am working. So if the piece is somber the music can’t be light and lively and vice versa.
Alexa Vovchenko
Night core works fine for me and couple of my teams mates also listen to it :)
Anita Reekers
Depending on the task I am working on and my mood! However, prefer music without lyrics :)
Jonathan Nelson
I listen to chill-out music.