What are you getting your Mom for Mother’s Day?

Cameron Graham
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Does anyone feel like they end up getting their Mom the same gift year after year? Flowers, bottles of wine, and scented candles are nice, but wouldn’t you rather come up with something a little more thoughtful? Here are 5 ideas that will show your leading lady you put a little extra effort into your Mother’s Day gift this year: (By the way: we’re having our product hunt launch day tomorrow and would love your support. Storii makes a great Mother’s Day Gift, too! Let us know what you think.) Give the gift of learning something new - If your Mom or Grandma is one of those ladies that has everything she needs, why not give her the gift of a memorable experience? You can find both local and online classes and workshops for virtually everything under the sun: mixology, arts and crafts, writing, cooking, history, exercise, meditation, gardening, eco-friendly living, etc. From how to curate the perfect capsule wardrobe to gourmet cake decorating 101, you’re bound to find a new hobby or skill that will pique her interest. An instant camera - If your mom loves to document life’s big and little moments, this is an easy winner. She’ll be able to put down her phone and pick up something fun to shoot. Plus, the retro aesthetic will may make her feel sentimental and nostalgic. Instantly having tangible photos to put up on the fridge, stick in a wallet, or give to friends and family is sure to generate all the warm, fuzzy feelings. Enhance her hostess game - Snag a fancy cheese board that will up her presentation skills. A set of Moscow Mule mugs or a cocktail smoker for patio nights? A fondue or raclette maker for dinner parties? A luxury pizza stone for perfectly cooked homemade ‘za? A stunning vase or serving utensil? Gourmet ingredients to make her feel Michelin-level in the kitchen. There’s a potentially endless list of items that she would love to show off when she flexes her hostess skills. Build a DIY Pamper Kit - If she’s unlikely to spend money on a spa day for herself, bring the spa to her! Put together a kit with things like bath bombs, epsom salts, body scrub, a crystal facial roller, silky pajamas, a luxurious robe, fuzzy slippers, a new book or magazine, a bath caddy, and/or a water bottle with an infuser, etc. Something sentimental - Sites like Etsy or Not On The High Street are great for inspiring this type of gift. Think: a locket with a picture of her grandkids, a cutting board engraved with one of her mother’s famous recipes, a watercolour portrait of a beloved family home or pet, or a lovely box of notecards filled with your favorite memories, photos, and reasons you love her.


Ana Alves
Very good recommendations!
Vitalij Kornijenko
Simple and clear 🚀🚀🚀
M Graham
Great product , different and really will bring lives back to decendants. Great for now and the future.
Paul VanZandt
Good recommendations, and good luck with your launch! I'm getting her some simple merch from her favorite soccer team. Should be good!
Kris Chana
I am going to help her around the house with whatever home improvement projects she wants.
Great recommendations! I decided to take some photos of my mom as Mother’s Day gift, and there is nothing more memorable than photos. Photos always record the beautiful moments of the past, and I hope they can keep my mom’s beauty. By the way, I want to recommend an amazing AI photo enhancer https://vanceai.com/ I use it to optimize my photos most of the time, and it’s called VanceAI. It offers a wide range of AI-powered photo editing tools that allow people to process photos effortlessly, even for beginners or amateurs. It is definitely worth a try!
Launching soon!
Great Ideas, thank you for sharing, But I have already sorted out what I want to get for her this Mother's Day. I will be getting her a new smartphone as she has been complaining about the broken screen of her old smartphone.
I think mums just want our presence, money cannot buy time.
Saif Ullah Khalid
I wish I could bring all the happiness to my mother's life. I did my best whatever I could do before she left us. It's been almost ten months since she died, and I am still unable to get myself out of the trauma!
Serena McMahon
Since I live far away from my mom, I got her an Aura digital picture frame so I can upload photos straight to the frame from my phone! https://auraframes.com/
Cris Barbs
These are good! thaanks for the reco!
Christina Chung
As a mom I'm always like, "These Mother's Day lists are the worst! They're so...BASIC who do they think we are 😆😭" - but last year I made my family get me a Storyworth subscription for Mother's Day and have been enjoying it (except for when I fall behind) and every week wonder how I could get my mom, an elder immigrant (who is pretty fluent in English but not really into writing so much) to capture her stories. I hadn't looked that far into it, but Storii totally is on that track where I can imagine someone like my mom as a way to capture stories. It would be amazing to see this translated into other languages as well 🤗.
Amazing recommendation!
Kate Hunter
mothers days be marketing ploys
Rich Watson
I think a text message this year will be suffice.
I had to be reminded by my mom that it was mother's day... i love your suggestions and i've bookmarked it :D