What are the top 3 problems you were faced with when building & launching your products ?

Wael Khattar
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Gleb Braverman
Distribution Distribution Distribution
Wael Khattar
@gleb_braverman Distribution is def a tough one, and there's no one formula that fits all and that's what makes it annoying We're betting on trial and error and Content Content Content
Ruben Wolff
I think of two big ones, the rest is not as big as these two problems: 1. Tough time having a objective eye on the entirety of the product, to see all the bugs and the minor changes needing to be done. 2. Communicating enough and efficiently enough around the launch and the product itself.
Wael Khattar
@rubenwolff Do you think if you had the core functionality of your product outsourced and provided through APIs, would it have been easier to manage? Would it have also given you more time to focus on promoting the product?
Julia Doronina
Find the right PMF, Content and Community
Tarek Khalil
Distribution x3. Finding enough people who are willing to bet on you, and your product if you have no strong network, and specifically more if you are bootstrapped.
Wael Khattar
@cmdkhalilov I fully agree, when I first started Anachron (www.anachrontech.com), I was 22 years old looking to sell software to banks with 0 connections. It was really hard at first to get meeting to get some feedback on what we're doing. Today 3 years later and one major pivot, I've built a strong network and we're relaunching Anachron stronger, better and leaner. My advice is just to focus on smaller clients first, early adopters, there are people who are willing to try faulty products and these are you perfect early adopters.
Jeremy Cleverly
Correctly identifying potential early adopters and crafting a message that resonates with them (I know, it's only 2 and no 3, but they are two big ones lol)
Wael Khattar
@jeremy_cleverly I think the best way to figure that out is trial and error Try different communities, post regularly with different copy and track the progress, see what works and what doesn't
Imran Khan
Today I have launched GetPress (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) on ProductHunt. Despite having more upvotes and activity my product wasn't listed in the popular tab on today's homepage but in the newest tab. I reached out to their support chat and outlined the issue and within minutes they fixed it. Now GetPress is on today's popular homepage. ✌️
Pallavi Jaisinghani
When launching OGenie.app, a virtual travel buddy these are the top 3 problems the team faced 1. Finding early adopters 2. Communities to share the product for feedback 3. Downloads