What are the top 3 problems you were faced with when building & launching your product?

Wael Khattar
3 replies
Developing a product from scratch can present several unprecedented challenges. By sharing our experiences, we might be able to show some insight on how to overcome them.


Ruben Wolff
A few problems when wanting to add more features to the product that bring more bugs, a lot of time needing to be spent checking every little tiny detail... And the marketing part takes so much time when you try to reduce the costs to the very minimum.
Anupama Panchal
3 problems which I've seen early stage startups usually making are: - Trying to do too many things in the first version. First versions are like conversation starters, they should solve few and the most important use cases. - Just focusing on development and ignoring things like Usage metrics, Customer Success, Sales / Marketing, etc. - Not doing proper QA for Browser, Devices, Timezones, etc.
Daniel Kyne
- Not picking the right customer segment - Not picking a problem that those customers cared a lot about - Not articulating our value proposition well enough We spent 18 months wasting our time on those three problems until we came across the Customer Problem Stack Ranking method from Shreyas Doshi at Stripe. Within a week of that we had all three fixed :)