What are the problems with pre-designed landing page templates?

Alexey Shashkov
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My own experience: 1. It's hard to find a totally suitable template with the structure I need. Almost always, I'm forced to fit my landing page concept up to the chosen template. 2. It's tough to find media assets as beautiful as on the template. I mean interface screenshots, interface mockups, illustrations, pictures that are on the template. It wastes a tremendous amount of time. Often, I'm forced to create them from scratch. 3. When I change media assets to my own, the landing page doesn't look as beautiful. 4. And when I change the copywriting to my own, the landing page looks totally different. What about you? What's the problem with ready-made landing page templates for you?


Anil Meena
I see template as quick to get work done ... Second with templates you get a starting point and then can work on top of it.... Ofcourse you'll have to create your own material which suits your branding but template really saves the time of creating each n every components from scratch.... But yes I agree often end result looks very different from template beacuse I guess while a creator creates a template they pick a theme and built everything according to it
Biggest thing for me is the background design and the images - tough to design, often expensive to acquire and time consuming from my point of view....
Omer Mohar
Definitely agree about the text- I often find myself changing my messaging to fit the format
Marlen Blanda
I found the other one after posting this but thanks for the helpful instruction. Hopefully it didn't confuse you too much. They should write instructions on how to handle two questions on the same topic. TelltheBell
Nikola Cvetkovic
I always start with a template thinking it will speed things up. What ends up happening due to reasons you stated is that the original page gets redone to the point its not recognizable. Still they are very helpful to get things started.
Victor David
There's a trend that's been happening for a while where the images all look the same. Not the same in the sense that they're literally the same image, but the same style. I’m talking about the colorful stylistic sort of cartoon people drawings where the limbs (especially the legs) taper from large to thin. It’s all over the place, and I imagine that it’s because of templates. I suppose it’s quick – and that’s a plus – but the lack of originality is all too obvious.
Piotr Pawłowski
Maybe here you'll find something that fits your UX copy + is suitable and with the structure you need: https://firmbee.com/freebees/page/2