What are the ideal working hours according to you?

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Subin Heo
As a founder, I try to keep my working hours between 14 hours and 16 hours. More than that does not do good to my body and less than that is not enough.
@ussist_me @jessica_gregson1 I will summarize the working hours in about 10-12 hours. Morning meditation, jogging. Organize work and work until night
Jessica Gregson
@ussist_me @wetech_seo Good habits, I also do meditation and yoga before I start my working day (not every day, but plenty of days). Then long dog walks to give me thinking time.
Gleb Braverman
I try to do all manual tasks in the mornings and move all my meetings, calls etc to the evenings - this way more creative work is done when I have lots of energy and all the talking is moved to the second part of day
Jessica Gregson
I try to focus on 10am - 5pm for all of the main tasks, other than discussions with overseas practitioners who we need to talk to in their working day.
Jason Cavness
I am an early riser. Usually around 4 am unless I stayed up late working the night before. I have to have around 7 hours sleep. I do my best work 5 am to 8 am and then 4 pm to 7pm. I like to take a break 1 pm to 3 pm.
Alex Goff
When you need a break change your activity. Come back and make a list. I think most people fit in the window of 8-6 but working hours should, and for me do, fluxuate on a number of factors: weather, sleep the night before, clarity of intent and clarity of thought.
Natalie Karakina
9 am to 8 pm now, want to cut it to 10-7 after launch
Alice Rodgers
I am the most productive from 16:00 till midnight)
Ryan Hoover
I'm a morning person and like to break up my day with a mid-day lunch + workout.