What are the different uses of remote video recording software?

Elena Cirera
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Saqib Ali
There can be hundreds of them, from the top of my head; the major ones could be 1. For Education 2. For HR & Recruitment 3. For Customer Feedback 4. For Sales 5. For Personal Blogs 6. For Medical Facilitations 7. For Public Service Communication 8. For Customer Support, etc.
Elena Cirera
@saqib301 Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback!
Emma Foster
Video recording software can be a crucial investigative and security tool for remote as well as on-site surveillance.
An invaluable time saving: no need to travel for the first commercial meetings for example. Share experience, ideas, create a remote link. It can be a learning tool, a collaborative tool or a sales aid. The list is quite long! A great tool in which I decided to work ;)
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