What are the challenges you usually face when using PDFs?

Dapeng Ni
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Maciej Cupial
Editing pdfs is a nightmare.
Martina Hackbartt
@maciej_cupial I absolutely agree! I have not yet found a PDF editor that does the job.
Asha Waterhouse
Hello Dapeng! I create marketing design for corporate projects daily. The CEO of the company I work for loves to reiterate, change & modify designs frequently; which normally wouldn’t be an issue but when there are multiple revisions days or weeks apart it becomes quite difficult to manage. I create these artworks in Photoshop. Each page is exported as a Print Quality PDF. Then I’ll use a free web-based PDF tool to merge, rearrange, compress & save the document. It’s a process that has successfully delivered work to this client for the past 3 years, but it’s convoluted and painful to keep up with the changes.. TL;DR : A software with the capability to design (similar to Photoshop/Pea) that could also manage PDFs (similar to Acrobat) would be a game changer for designers like me. P.S. If you’d like me to show you my process in greater detail I would be happy to record a loom with more commentary.
Dapeng Ni
Wow! Image editing when it comes to PDFs are still a challenge nowadays. Thank you for sharing this, the tool that you're expecting is a nice idea.
@ashawaterhouse Hello, do you create static or dynamic PDFs ?
One of the key problems is to convert the PDF into any required format without any change in the content. For eg., Converting a PDF to a Word document has a lot of changes in the converted file like spacing and stuff.
David Babins
FYI, only sharing the following, for a little extra Brainstorming, and maybe product creation for those that may be interested... :) https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdf-... https://www.prepressure.com/pdf/... Recent new product release with endless upsells, food for thought etc... https://www.google.com/search?q=...
Nabeel Amir
On Mobile Devices, PDFs Aren't Always Great It looks wonderful when you open a PDF on your smartphone or tablet. Things start to become a little goofy when you try to zoom in, zoom out, or drag to read.
Dapeng Ni
Thanks for sharing this!
Qudsia Ali
Unfortunately, free PDF editing is not possible. To get the "editing" function, you'd have to utilize a platform like Adobe Acrobat or other expensive PDF editing tools. This is a significant drawback of the PDF since it makes it difficult to make adjustments.
Dapeng Ni
You can try https://www.platoforms.com/. I hope it helps! This is the product that I first launched here at PH.
Valdis Takeris
Edit, copy paste, sometimes also character encoding.
Dapeng Ni
PDFs are great for file sharing yet it's challenging when you need it to edit it. Not sure if I can face my product link here, but PlatoForms can help you convert your PDFs to fillable forms.
Vanshika Chaturvedi
PDFs are stubborn!!! You cannot edit them, in most cases if you try to copy and paste-spacing issues occur, they are not adaptive to your screen size and orientation but still we use them every day!!!
Dapeng Ni
I understand the frustration!
ravenga harmon
Hi Dapeng! My boss always asks me to edit PDFs, which was very difficult for me before. I need to take notes, sign, and sometimes crop out the PDF. But most PDF editors or readers charge for these features! Recently I was learning PDF editing skills online when I came across an article about a completely free PDF tool PDFgear(https://www.pdfgear.com/how-to/h...). I followed that post to edit a PDF and it worked really well! The operations are very simple, all editing tools are free! It also can handle PDF conversion and compression, I hope you all have a try!