Facebook Ads

Dapeng Ni
10 replies
Are you using Facebook Ads? Why or why not?


Reece Jones
I was, but spent a fair amount of money with not much conversion. I still run them on a really small basis, trying to up my conversion rate before I go back to spending!
Luka Vasic
Not yet because our product is currently integrated with LinkedIn. When we start integrating Fb maybe we would try, but we focus on social selling.
Dylan Merideth
We arent yet, I understand conversion to be a problem, so it might be best to increase organic reach prior to spending tons of money of FB since we need to know if we can convert on anyone first before paying to get clicks
Pooja Sharma
Ya, I have been using it for a long time as it's an effective way to drive traffic from active users.
Nikhil Bapna
Mostly never... FB is crazy. Don't have the app... Open it not more than once a week.
Qudsia Ali
No doubt, Facebook is one of the most effective social media platforms. But we are not currently running any Facebook ads because we believe our target audience is more on LinkedIn than on Facebook, so we are more into LinkedIn ads.
Sewell Stephens
I don't use Facebook ads, as I like Google Ads much more.
David Gerecht
Hi Dapeng, We use Facebook ads the whole time! In fact, our app, www.ad-rabbit.com is made to help small businesses such as Shopify stores, advertise on Facebook easily and quickly.
Jan Beisheim
Yes we do. Best CPS channel so far.
Harshit Chawla
I was using the Facebook ads but now I am spending more time on google ads which are giving better results as compared to Facebook ads