What are the Best Practice to Promote SaaS platform

Jerry L. Tran
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I am working on SaaS Product( BotPenguin) so I want some suggestions from experience entrepeneurs.


Richard Francis
I would recommend email outreach (for B2B SaaS) and content marketing for sure. Start producing valuable content for your target audience - it's a lonely place at first but with persistence & consistency you should start to see results. Good luck! 💪
Fabian Maume
For SaaS a key channel will be comparison website. You need to harvest some customer review on G2 & Capterra, as it will help you a lot on long run. Beside this Quora can be a nice channel to get inbound traffic. Outreaching influencers can also give you valuable feedback early stage and potentially build some affiliate network. You can target: - Linkedin influencers (the hashtag feed are automatically curated for influencers) - Medium top writers -Youtube influencers (you can get their email from their about page). If you need some help, you can contact my agency: https://www.tetriz.io/