What are the best content distribution ideas that worked really well for you?

Tanoy Chowdhury
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Creating content is one thing, and distributing it is another. I'm pretty good with the former; it's the latter that challenges me. Share your best ideas, what worked for you, what did you learn from your experiments, and what are the common pitfalls (this is not an exhaustive list) Let your thoughts flow uninterrupted :)


Fabian Maume
Having a community works rely well. I'm moderating a LinkedIn group about Phantombuster, which helps me a lot distribute my blog post about the topic. Answering question on Quora can also help get traffic to your blog post. I'm using QApop to find relevant answers. Last but not least: I'm a big fan of Missinglettr V3 to distribute my content on Linkedin & Twitter.
Tanoy Chowdhury
Fabian, I can't thank you enough for sharing QApop and Missinglettr V3. Honestly, I never heard about them before. They look impressive and great platforms for content distribution. Oh, I also liked your idea about growing a community. I should start thinking on these lines. Thank you for commenting. This really helps.
Alexander Moen
for me, even though I didn't have problems creating content either, I focused too much on quantity for a while there. Putting a little extra time to make your content shine a little bit more helps out a ton. When I do that, plus have a cultivated community, the rest takes care of itself. So, for distribution, you could focus on the pros and cons of whatever social media platform, or analyzing meta tags and keywords for SEO or whatever else. Or, you could instead have a large group of people that you genuinely care about providing value to and then do so in higher than expected quality (still with high quantity, but go the extra mile with each piece and have it speak to them), do it consistently through whatever platform, and then just gradually get better and learn more about that particular method and those particular people, and distribution will figure itself out.
Tanoy Chowdhury
@alexander_moen Yes, I have had similar experience with spending extra time on content to make it shine. It adds more value, and makes it sound more convincing for the reader. Consistency is the key whether it's community building or SEO; you're right. Thanks for commenting here, Alexander